Why work with Schultz? Here some pretty good reasons

Schultz Accountability

photo2All shipping documents are prepared to ensure adherence to MDEQ Regulations. This assures our customers that waste manifest shipping documents are accurate and will withstand an onsite visit by either the EPA or MDEQ.

Schultz never discharges anything from our tankers anywhere on your property. Our trucks are not de-watered at your facility, a potentially hazardous operation that could result in you receiving cross contamination of wastewater discharge into your system.

We use only state of the art, federal and state approved processing and recycling methods. Through processes and documented analytical testing approved by the state of Michigan MDEQ, we are able to take your sludge waste and recycle it as an alternate daily cover at a Type 2 landfill and the liquid is recovered and processed before discharging to the waste water treatment facility. Oil from incoming oily water is separated, processed to clean, and then shipped to an oil reclamation facility for recycling. The benefit is a reduction in your waste stream causing less pollution to the environment. Instead of having your non-hazardous waste adding to the pollution of our environment, we are capturing and re-using it in a productive manner.

A safer working environment and timely completion are assured by having two man crews. Each crew dispatched has an instruction sheet and a copy of the Master Drawing to ensure that all requested services are properly completed. Upon completion of the job your copy of the job ticket will be provided that includes what work was performed with a site drawing that reflects the actual tank measurements, wastewater and sludge measurements, gallon readings, and the facility layout. For sites with a MDEQ site ID number, you will receive a copy of the manifest prepared by Schultz.

Schultz crews have the experience and training to ensure the job is done right. Our crews are professional CDL driver and vac truck operators. They are trained in confined space entry and special consideration for operating and transporting a 145,000-pound vehicle. The Schultz crews assigned to your location will make every effort to meet your expectations and leave your site as clean, or cleaner, than when they arrived.

Schultz Responsiveness

To respond to emergency situations we are on call 24/7/365. During normal business hours your call will be answered by a Schultz representative to make sure your questions are answered and your needs are met. After hour calls are answered by a message informing you as to who is on call and their cell numbers.

Hazardous and non-hazardous waste regulations can be confusing. Our account managers have over three decades of combined experience in the non-hazardous liquid waste remediation industry. They fully understand the manifesting and regulations and can explain them clearly.

Our crew will work around your business operations. We understand that any interruption to your business affects your bottom line. Our crews will not obstruct your business flow and make every effort to avoid affecting your ability to serve your customers.

We have vac trucks that will suck the daylights out of your pits. When your drains are clogged and flooded, we will clean them as well as vacuum back the inlet and outlet lines and traps to get your drains flowing. If we encounter drains that are still clogged we have several specialized cable, jetting and camera companies to assist us in solving these problems.

Schultz Economical-Focus

photo3Our fleet of vacuum semi-tankers with hi-vacuum mounted blowers reduces our cost and yours. Our tankers’ capacity allows us to service multiple stops to reduce the cost per unit, a savings that is passed on to the customer. It also allows us to dispatch the correct tanker with the most efficient equipment to your job.

We offer many features to help with tight budgets. Our free estimates and inspections provide direct savings to the customer as well as the knowledge of the condition of your facilities waste stream. For qualified customers, we have 30 day same as cash payment plan, or you can use a credit card. Our office staff will work with you to set up the best terms for your business.

When you work with Schultz Inc. you will know what you will pay. Our experienced Account Managers will provide you with a free estimate for the project or design a time and material price structure for work outside of the scope of the estimated project. Whatever your needs are Schultz Inc will keep you informed throughout the project so there are not any surprises at the completion.

We help keep your drains and pits clean while keeping your costs down. Stagnant or sewer water does smell. With regular service, this is seldom a problem. We have many customers on a rotating Automatic Service Program to help reduce the chance that costly emergency service becomes necessary. Our Reminder Service calls you to remind you when your location is due for service to keep larger problems at a minimum.