The Schultz System

photo4At Schultz, we have developed a system over the years to assure that you receive the best possible service:

We provide free estimates and inspections with each service.

Each crew dispatched has an instruction sheet and a copy of the Master Drawing to ensure that all requested services are properly completed.

Upon completion of the job your copy of the job ticket will be provided that includes what work was performed with a site drawing that reflects the actual tank measurements, wastewater and sludge measurements, gallon readings, and the facility layout. For sites with a MDEQ site ID number, you will receive a copy of the manifest prepared by Schultz.

Our large capacity hi-vacuum semi-tankers allow for reduced costs because of their capacity to make multiple stops.

All waste is recycled. Recovered oil is sent to an oil reclamation facility in Detroit. Water from the sludge is processed and returned to the environment through the Lansing WWTP. Sludge solids (dried sand byproduct) is transported to a Type II landfill where it may be used an alternate daily cover.